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A leading medical organisation formed by veterans of the healthcare industry
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We innovate services and platforms tailored to the medical community to meet highest international standards.


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Our Mission & Vision

We create value in healthcare by connecting the right people – no borders, no limits

We are always developing new ways to fill the medical gap. From digital healthcare over data analysis, medical education & research, scientific communication and training. We provide a wide variety of flexible services to meet the medical needs of our time.

International Lung Cancer Summit

We are the creative powerhouse behind the International Lung Cancer Summit (ILCS). Take a look and be inspired for your Medical Educational Event.

by oncologists for oncologists


With OncoViews, we created an accredited and CME-certified virtual platform for medical exchange among healthcare professionals in Oncology to overcome the challenges provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Where We Work

From our offices in Zurich, Switzerland, we operate internationally — widening our and our clients’ audience.


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